This Year's Christmas Card 2020 for those who I didn't get to see this year. Have a great new year ahead, Please Pray For Covid Recovery and stay safe.

Hi I'm Jim

Welcome to my website. In my journeys over the last 30 + years, I have been blessed to have learned from some amazing artists, teachers, and craftsmen along the way. This site is an accumulation of some of that work. It's also a great way for me to show you what I can do for you. All of this work was produced by me and the quality and professionalism in the work come from a lot of great experiences working with clients of all kinds.

Please take a look around and let me know what you think and if there is something custom and creative I can do for you and or your special needs.


03.02.2022 23:53

Loretta Roberts

My name is Loretta. I enjoyed meeting you this AM at Riddle Village. I am rhe person who would like to do Oil Paintings, because that is all I know. I would like to try Acrylics.

01.11.2021 15:40

Keri Hewes

Hello Jim, I'm interested in a Christmas ball of my dog. Wasnt able to locate any pricing info on your page.

01.11.2021 20:53

The smaller ones are 30 the larger ones are 40 you

The smaller ones are 30 the larger ones are 40 you can contact me on my phone at 484-574-9267 hope to hear back from you soon thank you for leaving a comment on my website

03.02.2020 21:56

Stacy Lightfoot

Hi Jim. This is brother is Dick Lightfoot. He recently had you do a portrait of Tasha for his wife Cynthia.
I’m interested in having one done of my dog Penny.

30.01.2020 20:41

Phebe Ellison

Hi Jim, I met you at the Penncrest Band Arts and Craft Show in Nov. I am looking for someone to paint 3 different houses on a 3 tier table. Is that something you could do? If so please let me know. Th

14.11.2019 05:50

Ann Loughry

Would like to have some portraits done